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Moving Tips: Different Colored Tape Can Make Moving Easier

Things can be stressful and time-consuming if you’re not prepared for a move and when folks reach out to us, one big question we receive is, “How can I make moving easier?” The answer, Colored Tape! 

Well, it all begins with the first step: Packing. So today, we’re going to give you another fun moving tip on the best way to start preparing for a move.

Packing without a plan

You may have bought boxes, collected them from friends, family, or gotten them from retail stores who are nice enough to contribute. You’ve got them all home and may have even started putting things into them when you realize…”Dang. I’ve got a lot of stuff and a big pile of boxes that are all starting to look the same.”

If you’re in this situation now, don’t panic. If you’ve done this to yourself in the past, no problem. Take a second and think about what is actually going to happen to each box at your new house. 

What’s going to happen is this; the back of the moving truck is going to open up and you or your movers are going to face a wall of boxes and carefully wrapped furniture.

What is in each box? Where does it go? Do you just put your head down and start unloading and worry about organizing later? Nope. You’ll actually waste time because you’ll be moving the boxes twice; once into the house, and again to the right part of the house.

Planning your pack

When you prepare for a move, it can seem that planning takes up just as much time as the move itself. It won’t. Spend a few moments thinking about the layout of your new home. You’ll have boxes for the kitchen, bedrooms, restrooms, garage, living spaces, etc.

Use different colored tape

We suggest you select a different colored tape for each room and use that tape to seal each box or mark each box. You’ll find every major brand makes their own version and colors of tape, so you should not have trouble finding colored tape when you’re shopping or preparing for a move.

For example, boxes for your kitchen could have green tape; boxes for the garage could have red tape, and each bedroom could have its own color to designate its boxes. You can even make it fun and get your kids involved. 

And even if you’re sending boxes to a storage unit or to a donation center, give those a designated color, too.

Keep several rolls handy at all times

When you prepare for a move, you want to make sure you won’t have to stop packing to refill supplies. You also don’t want to run out of one color and have to switch in the middle of packing. That could cause a lot of confusion.

Buy several rolls of each color and keep them all near where their boxes are being packed so. 

You should still label the boxes

Most of us will put pots with pots, plates with plates, bathroom supplies with bathroom supplies, etc. Even though you’ve used colored tape when preparing to move, you should still label each box, too. You don’t want to get to your new home and need something in a hurry and not know which box it’s in.

Create a legend

Get a few sheets of poster board and stick a piece of each color of tape on them. Then label the room that each color pertains to. Hang these at all of the entrances where boxes and other moving items will be brought into your new home. This will allow the movers or anyone helping to know exactly where each box is supposed to go.

Put a piece of tape on all sides

If your boxes get overturned during transportation to your new house, you’ll want your movers to still be able to easily identify where each box belongs. Putting a piece of colored tape on each side will help easily identify the box and where it belongs.

Moving doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds. When you prepare for a move, need moving tips, or want to get a quote about moving in Houston or anywhere else, contact us at 281-648-6683 or visit our website to get a quote.

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