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5 Quick Packing And Moving Tips To Make Moving Easier

Packing and moving can be both a pain and a blessing. It’s a blessing to be starting a new adventure, but it’s a pain having to evaluate all the stuff you’ve accumulated over time and deciding what should go with you. Moving can be a real mess when you think of everything involved – the planning, the packing, and the time it takes to make it all happen. This might be one of the reasons why people are afraid of change. Not because of the change itself or the place you’re going, rather it’s the packing and moving itself people dread. The sheer amount of work it takes to actually make it all come together.

5 Quick Packing And Moving Tips To Make Moving Easier


That’s why you hire a moving company. While we can’t do everything for you in the process of moving, we can do a lot, including full-service packing and unpacking. Many people are not even aware that some moving companies offer a packing and unpacking service.


If you are planning to do the packing yourself, here are 5 quick packing and moving tips to make your move go a little smoother.


1. Purge Those Closets!

Go through your closet and decide what you want to keep or give away. This is the easiest way to begin mentally preparing yourself for the move. After you have gone through your closet, go through your children’s closets (if you have any) and help them decide what they want to keep or get rid of. Next, go through any coat closets or other additional closets.

2. Declutter Your Space

Take all your knickknacks and tchotchkes and begin packing them away. Clear off tables and surfaces until just the furniture itself is left.

3. Start Small

A good idea is to start a few weeks before the big move with the items you know you won’t be using anytime soon. Photo albums, movies, or your children’s trophies. This will help everyone recognize what is happening without wreaking havoc and causing panic.

4. Pack Strategically

One of our favorite moving tips is always looking for unique and efficient ways to pack things. Use your pots and pans to pack the smaller items. Get creative with what containers you can use to pack your items. Think outside the box! You can also take a clothes hamper and fill it with blankets and place wrapped breakables inside.

5. Hold A Garage Sale

This is the place where you should try to get rid of those clothes and items you found in your closet that you no longer need. This is also an opportunity to get rid of some unnecessary knickknacks. Whatever money you make from a garage or yard sale can be used to offset moving expenses.


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