Hurricane Moving and Safety Tips Hurricane season ahead

Hurricane Moving and Safety Tips for New Coastal Residents


If you are new to coastal living, it is important to know what to do before, during, and after a hurricane. Hurricanes (and tropical storms) can be incredibly destructive and can cause serious damage to homes and businesses. In this blog post, we will provide you with some helpful hurricane moving and safety tips that will keep you and your loved ones safe during a storm.


If you live in a coastal area, chances are you’ve experienced at least one hurricane in your lifetime. And if you’re new to the area, you may be wondering what to do to keep your valuables safe during a storm.


Here are a few tips on how to store valuables during a hurricane or flood:


– Store jewelry, cash, and other small valuables in a waterproof container.


– If you have valuable paintings or other artwork, store them in a dry, cool place.


– If you have a computer, back up all your important files onto an external hard drive or cloud storage.


– Inventory your belongings in case you need to file an insurance claim.


Hurricane Moving and Safety Tips Evacuation Route


Before the storm:


-Make sure you have an emergency kit prepared. This kit should include items like food, water, first aid supplies, and a flashlight.


-Know your evacuation route. If a hurricane is headed your way, you may need to evacuate your home. Make sure you know the best route to take to get to safety.


– If you have to evacuate, find a safe place to stay until it’s safe to return home.


– Make sure your valuables are insured. This will give you peace of mind in case they are damaged or lost during the storm.


– Keep important documents in a waterproof and fireproof safe. This includes things like your passport, birth certificate, insurance policies, and financial records.


– If you have any electronics, charge them up fully and store them in a dry, safe place.


Hurricane Moving and Safety Tips Protect windows

Prepare your home.


If a hurricane is coming, it is important to take steps to protect your home. This may include things like boarding up windows and securing loose items outside.


– Cover your windows and doors with marine-grade plywood or hurricane shutters.


– Put sandbags on the outside and inside of all doors, including your garage door.


– Secure patio furniture and trim trees and bushes that could damage your home.


Hurricane Moving and Safety Tips Eye of Hurricane


During the storm:


-If you are ordered to evacuate, do so immediately. Do not try to ride out the storm at home.


-If you are not ordered to evacuate, stay indoors and away from windows.


-Listen to the radio or television for updates on the storm.


– In case of a power outage, have a generator ready to go (make sure you know how to use it).


– If you need to evacuate, inform your security company, and take valuables with you.


– Stay indoors and away from windows to avoid flying debris.


– If possible, move valuables to a room that is not prone to flooding and does not have windows, or large windows.


Hurricane Moving and Safety Tips Emergency Kit


After the storm:


– Check for damage and assess what can be salvaged.


– Contact your insurance company to file a claim.


– If you have flood damage, take photos of the damage and keep receipts for any repairs.


– If possible, clean and dry any wet items within 24 hours to prevent mold. Turn on as many fans as possible to help everything dry.


– Keep an eye out for mold, which can start growing within 24-48 hours after flooding.


– Check for damage to your home and belongings, and report any losses to your insurance company.


-Stay away from downed power lines.


-Do not drink tap water until you are sure it is safe.


-Avoid flooded areas.


Hurricane Moving and Safety Tips Moving By Design


With these tips, you can increase the likelihood your valuables will be safe during a hurricane or flood. If you need assistance moving your items before or after a hurricane or storm, contact us at Moving by Design to help ensure your property is handled with care. Our moving experts will evaluate your situation and help you prepare a plan of action. 


By following these hurricane moving and safety tips, you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe during a storm. Stay safe!