Guy moving boxes on a dolly

5 Essential Items To Make Moving Easier

Is this your first time moving? How much do you know about moving? Moving can be a new and exciting experience for some and a terrifying journey for others. Being prepared with the necessary tools and equipment is one of the best ways to make moving easier. We understand just how important it is to have all your ducks in a row when faced with such a big challenge. Here are a few essential items that will make moving easier:


This is probably the most important of all the essential items. We recommend that you use sturdier built boxes for the best move. The last thing you want to worry about is the bottom of your box breaking and having to do a cleanup in the middle of it all. We also suggest that when looking for boxes, purchase a variety of sizes. (For a limited time Moving By Design will provide 10 FREE boxes with every move!)

Bubble Wrap

Accidents happen, we know. It’s best to expect the unexpected when it comes to moving and invest in a little more security for your items. Bubble wrap is relatively inexpensive and if you have kids, they can entertain themselves with it when you’re finished using it.

Cloth Wraps

These are great for large pieces of furniture or large delicates (such as your tv). These aren’t necessary to purchase if using a moving company. If you are moving by yourself, you can find them on amazon. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to this, use a comforter or two. Depending on what you are moving, purchasing a cloth wrap may not be necessary.


Dollies are very useful for any type of move. Anyone who has ever suffered a back injury while moving heavy objects knows what an essential item this is. Whether by yourself, with a friend, or being used by a moving company, dollies help in avoiding injury that may be caused by handling large and heavy objects. Investing in a dolly is something you should definitely consider if you plan on personally moving the objects for several moves from this point on. Otherwise, a dolly will be provided by your moving company.

Heavy-Duty Garbage Bags

Garbage bags aren’t just putting trash in. Aside from just being the obvious receptacle for the things you’re ready to toss, you can also use garbage bags to move clothes, linens, soft toys, and other non-breakables, as well as to protect various items on moving day. Use heavy-duty bags. Thick, black garbage bags work best since they can carry significantly more weight than their flimsy counterparts with less chance of tearing or breaking.



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