Moving Tips: How to Change Your Address

Let’s face it, moving is stressful and sometimes it’s hard to remember how important it is to change your address as part of your move. We understand your stress so we want to make your move as hassle-free for you as we can. For this month’s moving tip, we thought we’d go over exactly how to change your address. Read more

Houston Bay Area Movers: Helpful Moving Tips

Houston Bay Area Movers: Helpful Moving Tips Whether you need some Houston Bay Area movers for moving locally or over a long distance; these moving tips won’t steer you wrong. Now that you have chosen Moving by Design what you do now before our movers arrive is just as important. Here are some of our […]

Helpful Moving Tips: Moving Household Plants

Helpful Moving Tips: How To Successfully Move Household Plants Nothing makes a home feel more welcoming and alive than houseplants. If you are anything like us, your household plants are part of the family; a member you can’t part with very easily