Tips For Moving With Pets

Moving is a stressful project in itself but add pets to the mix and well… it can turn from stressful to chaotic pretty quickly. Especially if this is your pet’s first time moving and they are well adapted to their current environment. In this article, we will talk about some tips and tricks for moving with pets that will make the transition from one home to the next easier on your furry friend.

Deciding on your new place

Always be sure to keep in mind that it’s not just you or your partner’s decision to be in a certain house/condo/apartment, you will need to keep in mind your pet. Do a thorough walk-through of the property and everything it encompasses before signing that lease. If you have a cat, pay attention to windows. What are they facing? Will the cat be entertained? You can have all the windows in the world in your new home, but if they’re all looking at brick walls, what good does that do? If you have a dog, think about space. Is there enough room for the dog to freely be themselves? Will they have an area to run around in and play or will everything be crammed together?

This is why we recommend a walk-through of the area, to help you better imagine what will become of the space when all your belongings are unloaded.

Packing your Place

The best practice you can use when moving with pets is to keep them in their favorite room for as long as possible. Whether that be the living room, office, or bedroom, keeping them in a familiar area that they enjoy is very important to a swift and easy moving experience. When doing this, be sure to introduce them to some moving boxes. Put the boxes in a visible space with them and only pack small items and don’t do it all at once. Having the cat or dog get adjusted to the idea of boxes and seeing them for an extended period of time is what we are going for.

Planning the trip

If your cat or dog isn’t acclimated to their crate or carrier, get them started. Some cats may be afraid of their carriers, which can be difficult. The best option is to have the crate in a visible place but somewhere the animal knows they can still go about their daily activities. Dogs, on the other hand, may be crate trained. If so, you don’t have too much to worry about. If not crate trained or if you don’t have a crate for the dog, just taking them on more car rides may be helpful for them to become accustomed to the upcoming trip.

Settling In

When you finally arrive at your destination, depending on the size of your new home, it may be best to introduce your pet to one room at a time. Coming to a new place can easily become overwhelming to humans, imagine being 10x smaller and being in a new place? Mind boggling. Keep doing this, if you can, gradually over the next couple of hours. Once adjusted, allow the animal free reign and see what happens.



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