How To Find The Right Neighborhood

Finding the right neighborhood can be quite a challenge. There are several factors that play into scoping out the perfect place. Here is a checklist, in no particular order, for finding the right home for you and your family.

1. Research the School Districts – This is probably one of the first things that should be done if you are moving and have children. Finding the best school rating and maybe your homes’ distance to the school will be helpful in regards to bus routes or commute times if you plan on driving the children yourself. Something to consider is that the closer you are to the school, the higher the likelihood of there being more children in the neighborhood! Which is always good for children who have just moved.

2. Consider public transit/railroads – Another important task is to look up just how busy your cross streets are. Do they have bus stops? Do they have traffic lights? Or is the neighborhood mostly filled with stop signs? It is also good to note the train in your area. Does it go near your home? While this may lower the overall price of your home, as it can be quite noisy, and although easy to adjust to, it may be unsettling noise if you work from home. If you are considering a home in the area of a nearby train, try to find out the general times of the train and when it may pass through your neighborhood. Depending on the area, the train may be designated to sound its horn, but usually, when going through a residential area it is quiet.

3. Property taxes – Always an important part of the home buying process is to see what your property is being taxed for. Property taxes are extremely important because it is a big chunk of money every year. So while you are paying for the price of your home, don’t forget to include the tax!

4. Amenities – What is in the area of your intended home? A golf course? A shopping center? A grocery store? A park for your kids? All of these are important aspects to consider when you are looking for the perfect home. How active is your family? Does it matter to you if you are close to a bike trail? Think of the hobbies you would like your family to participate in and incorporate those into your search. The more amenities, the more desirable the property.

5. Crime Rates – Something we never want to worry about is the safety of our home and children. That is why it is imperative that you research the crime rates in the area to which you are moving. Generally, crime is unavoidable, but having a good police department can help with that. Be sure to check on the crime rate as soon as you start looking at a town or city.



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